Protect brands when they function as a source identifier. Registering your trademark on a federal level provides your brand with nationwide protection.


Protects “original works of authorship” in a fixed form. Registering your copyright on a federal level provides notice of your rights in the work as the author and can help deter a copycat.

Trademark Packages

Registration- starting at $1,800.00

      • A comprehensive search, search report, and analysis

      • Monitoring of trademark application with the USPTO

      • Attorney communication with the USPTO

      • Response to non-substantive Office Actions

      • USPTO filing fees for 1 mark in 1 class

    • Attorney legal fees

Substantive Office Actions- starting at $750.00

Intent to Use Application Conversion- starting at $475.00

Renewal Declarations- starting at $250.00

Copyright Packages

Registration- starting at $420.00

          • A consultation and analysis to determine whether the work is registrable

          • Attorney communication with the USCO throughout the application process

          • USCO filing fees

      • Attorney legal fees

Cease & Desist Letters- starting at $750.00

Licensing Agreements- quote based on hourly rate

Frequently Asked Questions (TRADEMARKS)

A trademark is a source identifier. It helps a consumer associate a good or service with a brand or a business. A trademark can be, but is not limited to, a word, logo, color, or slogan.

The ™ symbol indicates that the unregistered mark has been adopted by a brand in connection with its goods or services.  The ® symbol is reserved only for marks that have been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Registered marks are awarded greater rights than unregistered marks.

The trademark process generally takes between 6 months to 12 months. However, the process may be longer depending if any issues arise during the process.

The 5 Steps On Your Trademark Registration Journey are: (1) Trademark Intake Call; (2) Trademark Search; (3) Trademark Application; (4) Trademark Registration Certificate; and (5) Show Off Your ®. Contact us today to get started!

While you will be unable to register your mark before using it, we can help you with the process showing that you intend to use your mark as a trademark.

Frequently Asked Questions (COPYRIGHT)

Copyright protects works of original authorship that are put in a fixed tangible form. Ideas are not protected by copyright. A federal registered copyright allows for the owner to bring a lawsuit based on copyright infringement. The timing of a registered copyright also determines the amount of damages a copyright owner can recover from an infringer.

Copyrightable works include, but are not limited to, paintings, photographs, art, animation, books, sound recordings, lyrics, fabric designs, advertisements, videos, and drawings.

The copyright process generally takes between 6 months to 10 months.

Protect Your Brand. Protect Your Voice.™

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